fixed income

New benchmarks for a new investment era

Fixed income investing faces a new reality in the wake of higher rates, rising inflation and geopolitical tension. Against this backdrop, a recent FinanceAsia webinar, held in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), explored how investors can adjust allocations and find reliable sources of return in a new world order.

WEBINAR: Is fixed income ready for a new reality?

High and rising inflation continues to pose challenges for fixed income instruments. Coupled with complex and rapidly-changing societies, economies and the environment, investors need more choice and flexibility to achieve both protection and performance.
June 09, 2022

China bonds to lure more foreign buyers

Foreign appetite for onshore debt will continue to remain resilient with different market cycles appearing to have little to no effect on China’s ability to attract investors, according to Aberdeen Standard Investments.
June 15, 2021