Mubadala hunts for early-stage opportunities in Asia

Mubadala hunts for early-stage opportunities in Asia

Chief executive of Abu Dhabi's state investment fund speaks about how it finds partners in Asia, particularly in China, to target tech investment.
Taking the job at one of the most turbulent times in global economy, China's finance minister is trying with his best effort to maintain a steady, positive development of the ...
Chinese banks are expected to issue almost $21 billion in perpetual bonds this year. This will have a marked knock-on effect in the international capital markets.
South Korea's Hong Nam-Ki takes the eighth place in FinanceAsia's annual Asia-Pacific finance minister rankings, but he has got time to turn things around.
Unrealistic divestment targets and dubious asset sales are standing in the way of New Delhi's goal to reduce its public sector and improve its public finance.
Malaysia's finance minister is yet to demonstrate how he intends to restore a country devastated by a prolonged corruption and bribery scandal at the top level.


As the spectre of rising interest rates looms, which Asian economy offers the best opportunity for distressed debt investors?

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