The inherent risks behind Chinese ADRs

RYB Education’s child abuse scandal is a textbook example of the inherent legal risks that investors face when owning US-listed Chinese equities.
December 11, 2017

No VIP treatment for China's Vipshop

The online discount retailer falls 15.4% in its US trading debut after pricing its IPO below the original range to raise $72.7 million.
March 26, 2012

Mandates and payments roundup, November 15

BoA Merrill upgrades its online treasury management portal with new applications, while Western Union completes its acquisition of Travelex global business payments.
November 14, 2011

Pipeline suggests another busy year for Chinese IPOs in the US

Bank of New York Mellon's head of Asia-Pacific DRs says the bank is in talks with some 15 US listing candidates. He also expects innovative Asian products like HDRs, IDRs and Singapore's GlobalQuote board to develop further this year.
February 07, 2011

Going global -- choices for Chinese companies

Moderated by FinanceAsia's Anette Jönsson and Ivan Peill of J.P. Morgan's ADR issuer advisory services, the following roundtable takes a look at reasons why Chinese companies choose to list in the US, implications of different accounting practices and the involvement of pre-IPO investors, among other issues.