Tashima leaves Citibank for ABN AMRO treasury services

Ken Tashima becomes the latest cash sales heavy hitter to join the revamped ABN AMRO.

In a hiring spree that is testimony to ABN AMRO's renewed commitment to cash management and trade finance in Asia, Ken Tashima becomes the latest executive to join the team.

A Citibank fixture in Hong Kong for several years, Tashima transferred to San Francisco with the US bank 11 months ago but missed the action of Asia. "With China's entry into WTO it's clear that this region is going to see the most action in the mid to long-term," says Tashima.

He says a transfer back to the region with Citibank would not have materialized for another three to four years. "I liked the idea of working with ABN AMRO because of its renewed commitment to the business," he says. "It really is like joining a start-up and they have a very defined focus."

An avid golfer, Tashima will get a chance to practice his swing with ABN AMRO's regional multinational clients. From a base in Hong Kong, he will be in charge of corporate sales to those clients with cross border cash management needs. Tashima will report in to Anthony Solimini who defected from HSBC back in July last year.

"Ken's breadth and depth of experience is invaluable in market environments such as these," says Leonard Stolk, regional head of corporate cash management for the Dutch bank. "He brings with him a long history in the cash management field, and has worked across many disciplines within the business."

Prior to Citibank, Tashima held positions at JPMorgan, Bankers Trust and Union Bank of California.

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