Hyper Anna's digital assistant never has an off day

Australian artificial intelligence start-up Hyper Anna solves the real-life problem of waiting days for data analysts to report on key business drivers.
Hyper Anna co-founder Natalie Nguyen
Hyper Anna co-founder Natalie Nguyen

The opening of a Singapore office in August this year marked another step in the international expansion of Australian artificial intelligence start-up Hyper Anna. The company is just two years old and already has a sales team based in Hong Kong, which it hired soon after it caught the eye of Sequoia China and raised A$16 million in Series A funds in September last year.

Hyper Anna wants more Asian customers to sign up to its data analytics product that goes by the name Anna a digital assistant who can answer questions about key performance drivers in real-time. The product operates like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa and allows...

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