Corporate debt

Coronavirus to stranglehold China’s debt

The coronavirus infection is bound to hit China’s wallet hard. Experts expect corporate bond defaults to jump unless regulators can help facilitate changes in repayments.

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread from the epicenter in Wuhan throughout China and beyond, China’s GDP and credit situation, as well as Chinese companies, will undoubtedly catch the economic bug.

“It will invariably make an already very acute bad debt problem worse,” Diana Choyleva, chief economist of Enodo Economist, a London think tank focusing on China’s economy, told FinanceAsia.

Choyleva expects the Chinese economy to plunge into a recession during the first half of this year, according to Enodo’s calculation of China’s real economy, not official Chinese data. According to Enodo’s calculations, China’s real GDP grew 1.9 % quarter-on-quarter in the fourth quarter...

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