Celebrating 25 years of excellence at FinanceAsia

The region has evolved and so have we. FinanceAsia is committed to bringing you critical analysis of Asia’s capital markets and investment themes, now with a sharper focus.

Asia’s capital markets look very different today than they did 25 years ago when FinanceAsia was first launched in 1996 to cover the world of corporate finance across Asia-Pacific.

They have been shaped by a series of critical events including natural disasters and financial crises from which important lessons have been learned.

A glance over the magazine covers of this publication during this time gives one a taste of both the excitement and the complexities of navigating all the opportunities and challenges this diverse region has to offer.

Nonetheless, clear themes emerge. The region’s markets have become more globally integrated and with this, mergers, IPOs and debt deals have grown much larger, more varied and increasingly intricate. During this period many of Asia’s emerging economies have matured and developed into critical growth engines for the world.

The strongest example of this, of course, is China, which is no longer emerging and has been opening new investment gateways that have been mutually beneficial both at home and for the rest of the world. But we may be reaching the limits to just how open this two-way relationship can be.

Already the future is being shaped by other investor interests, amid the rise of issuances linked to sustainability. At the same time, there is the promise of new biotech development that has accompanied the fight against Covid.

As the capital markets have evolved, so has FinanceAsia. While we will still explore the region’s most intriguing and lucrative deals, we will continue to delve deepest into the select trends and opportunities that matter most to our readers.

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