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Issue: May/June 2017



he age of infrastructure is upon us. 

Around $26 trillion is needed to fund infrastructure in developing Asia Pacific from now until 2030, according to Asian Development Bank estimates. This is hardly a new problem; emerging Asia’s people have long struggled against decrepit roads and unreliable power sources. But now, at least, governments are starting to wake up.

The Philippines is a promising example. Carlos Dominguez, the new finance minister, is taking a much more direct approach than his predecessors, pledging a major boost in government spending and overseas development assistance.  

Infrastructure investment is getting increased emphasis throughout the region, and Asian finance ministers could do a lot worse than follow the lead of Dominguez. The move will suck away a source of loan demand for the country’s banks, but senior bankers in the country admit they have little to complain about (see page 28). 

There are questions about how much foreign investors will fund Asian infrastructure. It is fair to assume that most private sector infrastructure projects will be driven by domestic investors. This is partly because conglomerates — which are dominant in many countries in the region — can extract manifold benefits from improving infrastructure. Foreign investors need the asset to pay  for itself.

But foreign investors should not be overlooked as a source of financing and knowledge, and joint ventures with local partners can offer the best of both worlds. These partnerships are starting to happen, but there is a downside — a rise in cross-border infrastructure disputes (see page 78). 

Infrastructure investment is essential. But it is also an area that faces profound difficulties, and raises serious questions.

FinanceAsia will continue to cover the infrastructure story in emerging Asia over the coming years. We only hope it is a story with a happy ending — and one that doesn’t drag on too long in the first act.


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