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Holding Australian banks more accountable

As the global financial crisis showed, bank profiteering at the expense of prudent risk management can devastate economies. In Australia, an independent enquiry into bank activities is long overdue.
August 18, 2017

Great barriers to bank profits in Oz

Maintaining profit momentum will be a struggle for Australia’s banks as the economy changes gear and regulators apply the brakes.
October 05, 2015

NAB and Axa agree deal on Asia-Pacific businesses

National Australia Bank and global insurance firm Axa reach an agreement that will see NAB buy Axa's Australia and New Zealand businesses, while Axa will retain the Asia operations.
March 30, 2010

MI-Reit signs AMP Capital as co-sponsor, seeks new capital

MacarthurCook Industrial Reit raises $155.5 million in new capital, including a $15.8 million investment by AMP and a $111 million rights issue. Separately, AMP Capital hires Anthony Fasso to head its international business.
November 08, 2009

NAB buys Aviva businesses in Australia

Aviva realises $737 million from the sale of its insurance and wealth management businesses and says it intends to enhance focus on the rest of Asia, while NAB consolidates in its home market.
June 22, 2009