Vietnam: an emerging market in waiting

To qualify for emerging market status in MSCI’s suite of indices, and maybe FTSE's too, Vietnam needs to do more to attract foreign investors. A landmark new securities law comes not before time.
June 03, 2019

What MSCI verdict means for China: Asia reacts

As global index provider MSCI confirms it will add A-shares to its influential emerging-markets benchmark, experts across the region pitch in on what it means for investors.
June 21, 2017

Pakistan upgrade: So much for all that

As China's A-share market gets its long-cherished MSCI inclusion, the experience of Pakistan after being granted emerging market status shows index inclusion may not be all that.
June 16, 2017

Vietnam boom fuels MSCI dreams

Brokers and investors in Vietnam hope the country’s reforms will enable it to graduate from MSCI’s frontier-market status.
December 16, 2015