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The biggest winner of Alibaba’s IPO is the HKEX

Almost a year after rumours of a deal first emerged, and in what is being portrayed as a glorious homecoming, Alibaba has finally made its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
November 26, 2019

Can Chinese social media generate a WeChat rival?

Tencent has long dominated the attention of China's social media users with its all-encompassing app. A smaller player is pinning its hopes on Alibaba as it starts its fundraising.
August 29, 2018

Alibaba goes long, still can't match Amazon

The Chinese tech giant rides bullish sentiment amid strong sales growth and a soaring share price. But regulatory worries means it can't quite match the terms its US rival enjoys.
November 30, 2017

When data is worth more than assets

Conventional wisdom suggests owning an asset is the key to building wealth. But in the new era of internet and technology, that might no longer be the case.
September 28, 2017

HK tycoons: on the front line with mainland firms

Hong Kong’s family-owned conglomerates are locked in fierce competition with mainland Chinese companies that are expanding overseas, and they are losing at least one battle.
September 19, 2017

Beijing taking aim at China's Big Tech

Recent criticisms of Tencent and Ant Financial, among others, hint at growing tensions between Chinese political power and the commanding heights of Chinese technology.
August 15, 2017