Bangko Sentral bailed out Equitable PCI Bank

It has become apparent that the Philippine central bank facilitated the countryÆs largest ever liquidity assistance for any bank at the height of the first-ever impeachment trial of an Asian leader.
February 26, 2001

Double mandate for Equitable PCI

The continuing saga of the Equitable PCI sale took a new turn when the board recently decided to split the mandate for its sale.
January 30, 2001

Another blow for Equitable PCI

The Estrada impeachment trial and the resignation of two senior government officals has put a stop to the sale of Equitable PCI.
January 19, 2001

Another bidder for Equitable PCI?

Following on from yesterdayÆs report, a new bidder may be readying to enter the ring to buy 65% of Equitable PCI in the Philippines.
January 16, 2001