China has booster effect on growth in East Asia

East Asia, led by China, has emerged stronger after the financial crisis, but a continuation of structural reform is needed to maintain the growth momentum, finds the World Bank.
April 07, 2010

Markets welcome bank nationalisation

Markets rally on the decision by the EU û and belatedly also the US û to inject capital into ailing banks in return for part-ownership, but analysts warn that more hardship awaits as investor focus shifts to earnings growth.
October 14, 2008

The subprime crisis isn't a black swan

The current crisis has more than a few similarities with the Asian financial crisis when it comes to causes and symptoms, and just like 10 years ago in Asia, the post-bubble adjustment in the developed world will take time.
October 14, 2008

Japan suffers massive stock sell-off

A combination of factors is hurting the Japanese stockmarket. Even the conservative banking sector is suffering, threatening further international expansion.
October 07, 2008