carlos dominguez

Carlos Dominguez: Steering well in the storm

After a relatively smooth year in 2017, the financial secretary of the Philippines proposed drastic reform last year over the way government approves and allocates its budget with an aim to support long-term economic growth.
April 01, 2019

Asean: Unity still elusive, 50 years on

Asean has unveiled increasingly ambitious policies over the last 50 years. Nonetheless meaningful progress is scarce while China looms larger as a divisive force
July 13, 2017

BSP's new governor sets out stall

Nestor Espenilla tells FinanceAsia he will bring continuity in monetary policy — and a renewed focus on banking reform — to the Philippine central bank.
June 26, 2017

'Sonny' Dominguez: Duterte's voice of reason

The new Philippine finance minister has taken a realistic approach to tax as he plots an infrastructure boost. He's emerging as a straight-talker in a government of populists.
March 17, 2017