What does MTR know we don't

A new name is born for one of the world''s leading investment banks.

In these dark times, it is pleasant to find solace in the most unlikely places.

Thus it was on Friday that a small curl was brought to our lips when we received a fax detailing MTR's latest appointment to its $2 billion MTN programme.

The expert Hong Kong debt issuer was delighted to appoint Credit Lyonnais as the 14th arranger on the programme along with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and... Golden Sachs.

Is there something MTR knows that we don't? What next, Four Finger Lehman and Jade Gate Amro? We know Goldman have a very close relationship with MTR, but we thought it was strictly confined to golf. Then again, maybe Clement Kwok is an avid fan of James Clavell.

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