Hong Kong's MTR: time for a government buyout?

Scandals have battered the rail operator's once-pristine reputation. The city's government can show its determination to improve services and ease integrity concerns by removing it from the stock market.
August 19, 2018

Belt & Road: long on interest, short on money

Transit operators like Hong Kong's MTR see huge opportunities in Beijing's masterplan, but high risk means private funding is stuck in the sidings ... and some projects could go off the rails entirely.
September 12, 2017

Queensland boosts infrastructure spend, turns green

The Australian state has kick-started long stuck infrastructure projects and plans a stream of green bonds to stimulate growth in the post-mining boom economy. But it remains challenging to lure risk-averse private investors into projects.
August 07, 2017

MTR keeps Asian green bond surge on track

Asia’s green bond market is growing at breakneck pace, attracting increasing numbers of issuers. After the success of a deal from Hong Kong’s MTR Corp this week, it is not hard to see why.
October 25, 2016

China Vanke makes tracks to fend off bid

The Chinese developer hopes copying a business model made famous by Hong Kong railway operator the MTR Corporation will help it fend off a hostile bid.
April 17, 2016

MTR Corp prices tight benchmark

Hong Kong rail operator returns to the international bond markets for the first time since November 2000.
January 14, 2004

How MTR beat HSBC

In the battle for Hong Kong''s electronic money, a train company beats one of the world''s biggest banks.
February 04, 2002