UBS moves property research head to Singapore

Swiss firm relocates Alastair Gillespie to take on the role as joint head of Asia property research
UBS will relocate Alastair Gillespie to its Singapore offices to take on the role of joint head of Asian property research. Effective 4 September, Gillespie will work alongside Eric Wong, the firmÆs Hong Kong based joint-head of Asia property research.

In the new role, Gillespie will have specific responsibility for regional REIT strategy and Singapore property and will manage the property research. Wong, will continue to be responsible for Hong Kong/China property and hotels.

Upon moving up from UBSÆ Sydney offices, Gillespie will report to Nicholas Pink, the bankÆs head of Asian research. He replaces Charles Neo, who left the firm in June to work for Mercury Real Estate Advisors. Neo joined the firm as senior managing director in its newly established Singapore offices.

ôAs the securitisation of property assets around the region accelerates ûparticularly in Singapore û maintaining a leading team in the property sector assumes an ever greater importance to our entire equities business,ö says Pink. ôHis appointment comes in time to meet our clientsÆ substantial need and reflects our determination to continue delivering the most relevant research product in Asian property.ö

Gillespie was director of real estate research for UBS in Australia and has 8 years of experience covering listed REITs and property developers.

Prior to joining UBS, Gillespie held positions at ABN AMRO and BT Alex Brown.
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