Tech gets ready to bare all for CSFB

Attendees at CSFB''s forthcoming technology conference will get more than just the usual cunning stunts.

CSFB's upcoming tech conference has created a palpable sense of excitement in Hong Kong. Is this thanks to the presence of 60 top tech companies from around the region? Or is it the prospect of keynote deliveries from PCCW's Alex Arena or Indian software guru, Narayana Murthy of Infosys? Maybe.

Or maybe it's the prospect of the Summer's hottest party, to be hosted at the trendy Vong restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Thursday August 31.

CSFB's Technology conferences have established themselves as the global leader in the field. Building on the success of a US investor conference, the firm launched a tech conference in Barcelona in May, and the Asian conference will be held at the Conrad from August 30 to September 1.

However, it is not just the speeches which has garnered CSFB a wholesome reputation. It's the parties.

In Barcelona, the 300 guests were delivered to the picturesque Palauet Cabanyes - an estate outside the city. This was no ordinary estate. Guests were greeted by a naked nubile Spanish mermaid (real life), clad only in a deceptively small fish tail and body paint. That is to say, she was naked and enjoying life among the water lilies. A half-dressed fairy and others added to the guests' sense of being in some kind of wonderland.

How can Hong Kong compete with a Spanish estate full of body-painted, Catalonian fairies? Tough, we agree.

However, our deep-throat in CSFB tells us that a good attempt is being made. The event has been outsourced to top design and fashion houses, who are planning a heavily choreographed affair. The event will feature Cantonese ladies "in the peak of health", naked but for spray-on latex.

Interested? Contact your nearest CSFB salesperson for more details.

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