Taiwan government promotes financial sector reform

Last Thursday, the Taiwanese government went to New York to promote reform, consolidation and privatization of the domestic financial sector.

Over 200 fund managers, investment bankers and Taiwanese government officials gathered in New York last Thursday to hear the government's plans for consolidating its fragmented financial sector. Finance Minister Lin Chuan re-iterated the government's determination to accelerate the consolidation process and create a national and regional champion that can compete against the likes of Korea's Kookmin or Singapore's DBS.

With him were officials from the recently established Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) and the Council for Economic Planning & Development (CEPD) as well as the representatives from seven state-owned financial services groups - First, Hua Nan, Mega, Land Bank, Taiwan Business Bank and Taiwan Co-Operative Bank - all soliciting fund managers' interest and strategic partnerships.

Full details of the conference and the government's consolidation initiative will appear in the March issue of FinanceAsia, out next week. Below are a selection of photos from the conference. Please click on individual photos for a larger image.

Regis Dale, UBS and Lin Chuan, Finance Minister

Lin Chuan, Finance Minister, Thomas Yeh, Vice Chairman CEPD and Tien Mu Huang, Chief Secretary FSC

YC Chao, Chairman First FHC and Jeffrey Smith HSBC

Peter Ken, Chen Yuan Tu and Sean Chen of Taiwan Cooperative Bank

En Lel Tuan of Taiwan Trade Centre NY and Jia Dong Shea, Chairman Central Trust of China

Sean Chen, Chairman Taiwan Cooperative Bank and Tien Mu Huang, Chief Secretary FSC

Nao Yee Leng of Mega FHC, Thoma Yeh, Vice Chairman CEPD and Regina Chyn, CEPD

Chien Huei Hsu, National Treasury Agency, Ming Chang Chang, Chief of National Treasury Agency and Regina Chyn, CEPD

Teng Chen Liu, Director General National Treasury Agency and Michael Chang of the Taiwan Visitors Association

Su Shen Chung, Chairman Taiwan Business Bank

Sing Ying Lee, Deputy Director General FSC

YT Du, head of Citigroup Taiwan

Su Shen Chung, Chairman Taiwan Business Bank and YC Chao, President First FHC

Tsing Yuan Hwang of First FHC, Mr Chang, Chairman Overseas Bank of China and Jer Shyong Tsai, Chairman Land Bank of Taiwan

Thomas Yeh addresses the conference

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