Leave UBS's underwear alone, say readers

Our web poll last week prompted a stirring defence of UBS’s much-mocked 44-page dress code.

It seems fruitless to write much about our web poll last week, given the response: readers said they couldn’t care less about UBS’s dress code.

After all, who was surprised to learn that the world’s largest Swiss bank is a bit uptight? The bigger surprise in the FinanceAsia office was that perfumes and aftershaves should be applied immediately after showering. Or that, to be considered properly attired, we should knot our ties to match the “morphology” of our faces – which has prompted some paranoia about the sub-conscious signals we might have been sending out previously.

In light of the online mockery of its 44-page dress code, UBS is reconsidering the advice it gives to staff. We think that is ill-advised – nothing helps a client feel more comfortable than the sure knowledge that his banker is wearing flesh-coloured underwear. Where, we ask, is the public interest in encouraging a lurid guessing game?

Our readers agree. Overall, 46% said: who cares? Of the remainder, 32% said UBS’s dress code was fair enough, while 22% reckoned it was over the top.

To return to a previous poll, we noted with interest that WikiLeaker-in-chief Julian Assange, who appeared on 60 Minutes this weekend, is still talking about a big US bank as his next subject. He declined to give any further information, despite widespread rumours about Bank of America being the target. But he did deny being weird. The jury is out on that one.

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