HSBC launches payables financing solution

The new scheme allows buyers to sponsor the financing of suppliers enabling them to convert their payables into cash more quickly.
HSBC global payments and cash management has announced the launch of a new regional payables financing solution. Payables financing is a product that enables buyers to provide early payment to strategic suppliers, thus helping them to convert their outstanding payables into cash more quickly. It is achieved by the buyer sponsoring the financing of its payables to its suppliers.

The scheme is offered through HSBCnet, the bankÆs global internet banking channel, and is integrated with all the existing capabilities of HSBCÆs payments solutions platform, fully automated and paperless with core features including flexible authorisation, payments advising, and enriched reporting.

A key benefit of the scheme is that the current payments process flow of the buyer is preserved with no significant change required to engage the payables financing offering.

Payables financing offers suppliers an attractive source of working capital. According to John Laurens, head of global payments and cash management in the region, says: ôPayables financing is an innovative buyer-centric supply chain financing solution that allows the extension of up to 100% financing to key suppliers of the buyer.ö

HSBC says in a statement: ôWith easy to use web-based tools available on HSBCnet, suppliers may opt for one of two financing solutions: A æstraight-throughÆ solution that allows upfront financing upon the bankÆs receipt of the instruction from the buyer; or an æelective financingÆ solution that enables the supplier to either accept or modify the offer or let it expire.ö
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