GZI REIT breaks new ground with Hong Kong IPO

First listed REIT investing in PRC real estate

The GZI REIT is a pioneer listing for REITs focusing on mainland China. The recent IPO in Hong Kong raised $230 million.


The property portfolio consists of four commercial properties located in Guangzhou’s prime business area of Tianhe. These consist of shopping mall properties in District City Development Plaza, Fortune Plaza, Victory Plaza, and the White Horse Building cumulatively valued at approximately $510 million.


In line with Hong Kong SFC requirements for REITS, 90% of profits will be paid to shareholders as dividends.


“We expect ongoing interest in the issue from funds and private banks in Singapore and the UK,” said Rowena Kwok of Allen and Overy, the legal advisers to the joint global coordinators HSBC, Citigroup and DBS.

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