FinanceAsia's special issue on Asia's filthy environment

The latest issue of FinanceAsia magazine has a special focus on the environment and how it is impacting business in Asia.
For anyone living in Asia, the environment is no longer a peripheral issue. Thanks to rampant economic growth, we are all now becoming aware of environmental degradation in our daily lives.

How many conversations have I had in recent months about finance professionals moving to Singapore, because the air quality is markedly better than Hong KongÆs? The answer: a lot.

This issue of FinanceAsia magazine has a special environmental theme. We look at the rising tide of pollution in Asia, and try and assess what can be done to improve the situation. We have tried not to be too blinkered. For example, one of our articles looks at ChinaÆs great debate: managing pollution levels versus alleviating poverty through growth. We also feature the expert insights of an Indonesian billionaire in the pulp and paper industry û he explains why he is now an environmentalist, and what he is doing to stop illegal logging and operate in a sustainable fashion. We likewise look at what financial institutions are themselves doing to make a difference, via lending decisions and so forth. We also look at the IFC's new strategy and why the multilateral is so concerned.

Of particular interest for people living in Hong Kong, the magazine contain in-depth articles analysing Hong Kong and the Pearl River DeltaÆs air pollution problems; as well as looking at how Delhi cleaned up its filthy air.

This issue - titled "Cough if you agree" - is a considered look at the environmental costs of Asia's breakneck economic growth.

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