FA: Investors' window onto Asia

FinanceAsia’s has a new exciting editorial agenda, designed to serve global investors with an “idea book” of ways to capture Asia-Pacific’s growth story.

Across our platform, from our website to conferences, FinanceAsia will bring you the rising stars of Asian business raising capital to support their unique strategies.

FinanceAsia also will deliver first-hand insight into the region’s most dynamic companies, such as Ant Financial, who are disrupting whole industries, and potentially your portfolio.

President Xi Jinping said during the Communist Party Congress that China will accelerate its transition into an innovation economy. The ramifications will be felt around the world via fierce competition and the Chinese acquisition of brands and technology.

We will also profile the region’s savviest investors, be it that intrepid frontiersman private equity investor or the patriarchs of family-owned businesses who have a proven track record in unearthing and backing the market darlings of tomorrow.

At FinanceAsia we believe open markets and clear and consistent government policies and regulation will drive economic growth. However in the century’s largest infrastructure programme, we see a major fault line: China’s Belt & Road Initiative is failing to engage private capital.

We will foster constructive discussion across our platforms to help stimulate economic activity along historical Chinese trade routes.

FinanceAsia will still cover the breaking capital markets transactions by Asian companies, but only those that offer the most compelling insights for our audience.

We plan to be of service and stand apart in an age of click-bait reporting by following the money and maintaining focus.

Our brand is over 20 years old and we will continue to evolve to serve our readers over the decades to come. 

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