Challenges and opportunities for Islamic finance

Humayan Dar, chief executive officer of BMB Islamic UK, discusses new developments in Shar'iah-compliant finance.

Humayan Dar is chief executive officer of BMB Islamic UK, which is owned by Brunei-based BMB Group. An Islamic banking expert and Shar'iah technician, he is trained in both Islamic and conventional economics and a strong advocate of cooperation between Islamic and conventional financial markets.

BMB Islamic was founded in 2007 in London to provide Shar'iah advisory and structuring services. It enlists Shar'iah scholars and Islamic financial consultants to guide investors, lawyers and other investment professionals.

What new developments are taking place in Islamic finance
There is little in the world of conventional finance that Islamic finance cannot replicate - whether in terms of financial instruments or funds. Sukuk -- similar to bonds --...

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