Asia loses Davis, gains Morrice

Few people can forget a lunch with Roger Davis. The ex-military man is a veritable blitzkrieg of enthusiasm, and as the Asian CEO of Barclays Capital he has been ajudged one of the best investment banking managers in Asia.

But if you are planning to have lunch with Roger you better book fast, for Davis is to return to London – probably by September.

Davis is to become head of business banking in the UK, and will be replaced in Asia by 38 year-old Robert Morrice, who will take on Roger’s mantle of Chairman and CEO for Asia Pacific.

Morrice is a close protTgT of Bob Diamond, the dynamic boss of the UK investment bank.  In London he ran global credit, which meant he was responsible for Barclays core debt product, and was thus one of the most senior people at the firm.

On the positive side, his seniority and product-focus will probably give the Asian business a stronger voice in headquarters. With the Asian fixed income markets booming, the timing of his arrival may not be a coincidence.

Says Diamond: “Robert Morrice has played a critical role in building Barclays Capital in the last three years and is the perfect successor to Roger as our leader in the Asia-Pacific region. Combined with other recent appointments in Barclays Capital, this consolidates our progress to date and positions us to achieve our goal which is to be Europe’s premier institution in the fields of financing and risk management.”

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