Art for art's sake

A vintage photographic and poster display at the Mandarin Hong Kong and charity exhibition by pioneering transplant surgeon Sir Roy Calne at the Private Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

Picture This

Celebrating 40 years in Hong Kong, Mandarin Oriental and Picture This (Hong Kong's renowned vintage poster specialist) will be staging an exhibition from October 21 in the lobby of the hotel. The exhibition will feature a collection of photographs from the hotel's archives taken from the 1960's to 1980's and will include several celebrity guests who have stayed at the Mandarin over the years.

Picture This will also showcase a selection of travel posters from the same era, some of which are extremely rare collector's items. The older posters in particular hark back to a time when mainstream travel to the Far East was beginning to expand at a rapid rate and include a 1960's series designed by Chinese American artist Dong Kingman on behalf of the Hong Kong Tourist Association.

The long and short of it

"Life is short, the art is long." So wrote Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. For many deserving patients in South East Asia, life is now considerably longer thanks to Sir Roy Calne, one of the world's pioneering transplant surgeons during the 1960's.

Sir Roy regularly performs operations for free in Asia and is currently hosting an exhibition of his paintings and sculptures at the Private Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

Proceeds from the exhibition will in part benefit the Malaysian Society of Transplantation. Funds raised will be used to support Malaysian transplant recipients nominated to participate in the World Transplant Games.

Sir Roy, a fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University, renewed a childhood interest in art during the 1980's after performing a liver transplant on Scottish painter John Bellamy. During his recuperation, Bellamy taught Sir Roy to paint and he has since gone on to exhibit his work across Europe, Asia and the US.

The exhibition will run until November 30 and viewing enquiries should be directed to Shalini Ganendra at: (603) 7958 2175 or [email protected].

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