What’s in a picture?

Photography is a technical medium that has provoked controversy since it was invented in the 1800s. Is it art?
December 13, 2015

Finding value in Hong Kong art

Overshadowed in the past decade by the extraordinary rise in prices for certain contemporary Chinese paintings, Hong Kong’s small but active group of young artists have been more or less ignored by big collectors, auction houses, art institutions, commercial galleries and the public.
September 22, 2014

Hong Kong's artistic vision

Hong Kong already hosts the world’s biggest art auctions; now it wants to attract international artists and galleries to create a world-leading arts hub.
April 29, 2014

Something borrowed

Michael Nock has amassed a large collection of art during his years in the business but he insists he is not the typical hedge-fund trophy hunter.
December 25, 2013

Art for art's sake

A vintage photographic and poster display at the Mandarin Hong Kong and charity exhibition by pioneering transplant surgeon Sir Roy Calne at the Private Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.
October 15, 2003