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Issue: April 2012

Issue: April 2012

No matter how you slice it, Standard Chartered's numbers look good. As Nick Lord writes in his cover story on the bank: It has increased profits faster than revenues and revenues faster than assets, and done this while barely growing its staff. The streamlined approach to focusing on what clients need rather than trying to push products they don't need is down to the steady hand of CEO Peter Sands. Nick sat down with Sands in London to discuss what has worked, and to ask the hard questions about what might not work. Critics say Standard Chartered won't be able to sustain the momentum and that some of its lending to date had to be risky and could haunt the bank in the future. But Sands stands his ground.

Related to the cover story is Rupert Walker's interview with Samin Tan, the recently appointed chairman of UK-listed Bumi, which is a Standard Chartered client that is viewed critically. Tan not only sheds light on his strategy for the mining company, but he and his colleague Alexander Ramlie also speak openly about the public dispute with Nat Rothschild.

This month has been rife with breaking news as well — from Hong Kong's selection of its next chief executive to India's budget, which was the last chance the government had to do anything serious before it too gears up for elections. We are only just beginning a year of shifting sands in the political landscape.

Lara Wozniak, Editor

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