PM talks about Privatizing Pakistan

The economy of Pakistan is booming thanks to soaring FDI and domestic investment. We talk to the Prime Minister of Pakistan about the privatization agenda.
August 12, 2005

Steve Groppi talks cash management in Asia

The head of regional treasury services for JPMorgan says innovative structures and creating value for clients will be key to beating the markets this year.
February 17, 2003

CEO of Barclays Capital in Australia talks strategy

Nicholas Johnson knows how to run a successful niche investment banking operation. Here he talks about the postponement of Telstra 3, the growing importance of Asian investors and Australia''s utilities sector. Lyn Cobley, director of debt markets, sits i
December 03, 2002

Morgan Stanley talks reform

Harrison Young, head of FIG at Morgan Stanley, talks about reforming Asian banks and why they shouldn''t be controlled by families.
July 19, 2001