Soros likens China trusts to subprime

China has a narrow window to prevent its shadow banking system from imploding in a manner similar to US subprime mortgages, says George Soros.
April 15, 2013

How books on the subprime crisis stack up

We sift through some of the most-discussed books on the subprime crisis: Robert Shiller's The Subprime Solution, Niall Ferguson's The Ascent of Money and Michael Lewis's The Big Short.
January 11, 2011

The subprime crisis isn't a black swan

The current crisis has more than a few similarities with the Asian financial crisis when it comes to causes and symptoms, and just like 10 years ago in Asia, the post-bubble adjustment in the developed world will take time.
October 14, 2008

Subprime: Markets may continue to fall

Two of Ernst & Young's top executives say that when the markets re-open, financial instruments will become more complex and will require stronger regulation.
April 14, 2008

Capital injections needed to save US banks

Richard Koo, chief economist at the Nomura Research Institute in Tokyo, discusses the grim parallels between the US and Japan, including the need for unconditional capital injections.
March 30, 2008

All eyes on UBS

The post-mortem on the credit crunch is already underway at UBS as institutional shareholders attack risk management and foreign capital infusions.
February 11, 2008

China extends lifeline to Morgan Stanley

China Investment Corporation helps Morgan Stanley to stem its losses with a $5 billion capital infusion. Meanwhile, CEO John Mack agrees to forego his 2007 bonus.
December 19, 2007