jackie horne

Gulliver's travels: Part 2

HSBC has always striven to be a premier capital markets player. In part two of a special interview, its chairman of Europe, the Middle East and global businesses, Stuart Gulliver, says the bank is closing the book on life in Lilliput.
June 07, 2010

Gulliver's travels: Part 1

HSBC’s chairman of Europe, the Middle East and global businesses explains how the bank’s historical roots in the Far East and lessons learnt during the Asian financial crisis have helped it successfully navigate the ongoing global financial turmoil.
June 06, 2010

No longer in your debt

The relationship between Asia’s G3 and domestic currency bond markets has been as radically transformed during the past decade as Asia’s relationship with the West.
June 03, 2010

Deals to remember -- and a few to forget

From the depths of APP’s collapse in 2000 through to 2009 when issuance broke all records, we look at the highlights and lowlights of 10 years in Asia’s debt capital markets.
June 03, 2010