Game boy

With a new Japanese investor and new strategy, BBMF''s Han Lian talks about the games revolution on mobile phones.
August 23, 2004

The refinancing game

With a bulging pipeline borrowers are racing each other to get their deals out in the market first.
January 14, 2004

Our model portfolio game

How have the participating private banks fared in the latest quarter of our model portfolio game?
August 25, 2003

Game of two halves, says RAM

Suresh Menon and Suet Ming Siew of Ratings Agency Malaysia explain why they expect bond market activity to increase in the next six months.
July 10, 2002

A zero-sum game

The battle for the biggest mandate in Japanese defined contribution is on.
November 27, 2000

Korean banks play out waiting game

As we enter the third quarter, predictions of banking consolidation in Korea have resurfaced. They may be premature.
September 04, 2000