TPG plans $1.5 billion of investments in China

The private-equity firm signs agreements with the governments in Shanghai and Chongqing to set up two renminbi-denominated funds of Rmb5 billion each to invest in Chinese companies.
August 25, 2010

Lehman factor imperils hedge funds

Prime broking contracts stipulate that Lehman can treat hedge-fund clients' assets as its own, putting an untold amount of fund assets at risk; but Japanese regulators move to ensure an orderly unwinding.
September 17, 2008

Cerulli laments the dominance of banks in fund distribution

The research firm says banksÆ wealth management activities are mainly motivated by generating fees through transactions; a reality that discourages investors from seeking meaningful advice and prevents fees from coming down.
February 17, 2008

Vietnam targets $52.5 billion in FDI

The government needs $150 billion to support its economic growth targets until 2010 and 35% of that is expected to come from foreign investors.
October 31, 2007