Alex Thursby on moving beyond Asia-Australia engagement

The relationship is established, but Australia should continue to build its Asia knowledge base, not just in terms of languages, but with regard to broader education, experience and understanding as well.
June 08, 2010

The totality of wealth management

Wealth creation in Asia is likely to continue on its fast-paced trajectory well into the future, writes Antony Hung of Merrill Lynch global wealth and investment management, which means banks need to be prepared for the growth.
June 08, 2010

Asian liquidity: What a difference a decade makes

Barclays' Robert Morrice writes about how Asia learned from the 1997-98 crisis and made sure its markets were liquid. Now, after the latest economic downturn, the world would be well-served to follow Asia's lead by strengthening markets and the financial system.
June 07, 2010