Xmas with Marwah

Top headhunter promises Xmas party with a view.

In these times of job cuts and global slowdown, it will not surprise anyone that invites for Christmas parties have not been as forthcoming as in yesteryear.

One glimmer of Christmas cheer amid the gloom comes from top headhunter, Ranjan Marwah, whose firm, Executive Access promises a megabash on its penthouse rooftop.

Marwah, whose key placements this year include Salomon's Francis Leung and Margaret Ren, is not one to allow a small blip in the global economy to get in the way of his ambitions.

Marwah will hold his party on December 14th, and Hong Kong's investment banking bigshots have been invited in force. For those invited to this select gathering there will be the promise of fine conversation as well as the opportunity to practise their putting on the only green with the Bank of China tower in the background.

Job opportunities may or may not abound. Fine champagne, chablis and egg nog undoubtably will.

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