Whooping it up with Credit Suisse's lovely ladies

It promised to be the party that left no mammary covered, and it lived up to expectations.

CSFBÆs tech conference extravaganza was capped last night by a party at top venue Vong that had everyone talking and well, frankly, staring.

The party was the Asian groupÆs attempt to match its European brethrenÆs party in Barcelona where naked mermaids were the order of the day.

steve foland

Thus as guests entered the gold-leaf splendour of Vong they were greeted by two dazzling geisha, and a glass of champagne. The first thing guests saw as they looked up from their champagne was a large urn housing four gorgeous girls clad only in long sheath skirts and cradling their arms around their naked breasts. Covered only in body paint of the thinnest description, partygoers were given a pen and invited to write on their backs (favourites included rm 265, Shangri-la, 11.30).

Indeed your correspondent can hardly say more, but simply quote from Byron that they had "beauty of that overpowering kind/ whose force description only would abate/ IÆd rather leave it to your own mind/ than lessen it by what I could relate".

Once past these nymphs, there were a group of Thais whose clever dancing helped the eveningÆs conversation to flow. An enterprising young lady with a box of Cuban cigars further added to the pleasure of the 400 or so attendees.

Steve Foland, (pictured above, centre), who runs the Asian tech group of CSFB, was an ideal host and worked his way round the room with CSFBÆs Asian vice-chairman, Alan Smith, saying hello and getting feedback on what has surely been one of the most successful investor conferences of the year.

After a couple of gallons of champagne your correspondent was pretty much ready to believe CSFB is at least five times better than Morgan Stanley and twenty times better than Goldman Sachs at organizing parties - and probably at launching Asian tech IPOs too.

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