Welcome to FinanceChina

FinanceAsia''s new bilingual email newsletter to be published each fortnight.

FinanceAsia is proud to present the first issue of FinanceChina , a bilingual bi-weekly newsletter covering all the latest developments in China's fast growing financial services industry. FinanceChina is a sister publication of FinanceAsia.com, the region's premier source of online information about the finance sector in Asia.

Like all FinanceAsia publications, we are confident FinanceChina will become required reading, especially for those interested in the evolution of China's ever-changing and complex capital markets. Here you will find the most detailed coverage of benchmark IPOs, interviews with leading fund managers and bankers, plus extensive coverage of the treasury services sector including cash management and trade finance, as well as insights from corporates doing business in China.

We hope you enjoy this first issue and we welcome any feedback on this and future newsletters.

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