Weber replaces Hall at CSFB

After Julian Hall''s departure, CSFB brings Max Weber from Tokyo to replace him.

CSFB has relocated Max Weber from Tokyo to Hong Kong to replace Julian Hall as the head of its convertibles business. Hall had successfully built CSFB's convertibles platform, but recently decided to move to London with ABN AMRO.

Weber will become head of pan-Pacific convertibles and is being promoted from his current role running Japanese convertibles. A director in ECM, Weber's new role will give him oversight of the whole of the Asian convertible business, including Japan. He will report to both J Marshall Nicholson (head of ECM for non-Japan Asia) as well as Michael Remington (head of ECM for Japan).

He has been with CSFB since 1994, although he did leave the firm for a short while to work with Nikko Salomon Smith Barney before returning to CSFB in 2002.

He will also spend the time building up the Australian business. By combining both Japan, Australia and the rest of Asia, he will no doubt need the sort of work ethic his namesake described in The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

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