Warning: people posing as FinanceAsia journalists

See below for a list of our journalists.

It has come to our attention (from a few different sources) that people have been calling up various firms fishing for information about their rivals and pretending to be journalists from FinanceAsia.

Often they are trying to find out information about downsizing.

We are obviously not happy about this. Below are a list of FinanceAsia journalists. If you suspect that the person that calls you up is not from FinanceAsia, you may want to say you will call them back on one of the below numbers. That will call their bluff, and they will soon stop bothering you.

Steven Irvine (852) 21225236

Jackie Horne 21225220

Nick Lord 21225238

Cherie Marriott 21225255

Jame DiBiaisio 21225237

Dan Slater 212221225262

Rob Davies 21225261

Elton Cane 612 93562861

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