US politics impact Asian portfolios

Principal Financial discusses how the 2004 US presidential election will affect Asian investment strategy.

The race for the White House is already having an impact on US foreign economic and trade policy that is affecting Asia. This will only intensify as we close in on the presidential election in November, 2004.

Principal Financial Group is hosting a seminar, open to all participants, to analyse the impact on global investment strategies and portfolios of the current US economy and market conditions. This will include the policies of President George W. Bush and his Democratic Party challengers toward China and the region in general.

Jim McCaughan, executive vice president and head of asset management, and Stuart Brahs, vice president for federal government relations, are visiting Hong Kong from Principal’s Des Moines, Iowa headquarters.

They will discuss the political implications on Asia, as well as their insights on the development of pension reform and market opportunities in China, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

This free seminar takes place on Friday, October 31st, at 5:00 pm, at the 6th floor of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibit Centre in Wanchai.

Fill out the form below; or call Ms. Roni Yuen on (852) 2894 6271.


Principal Financial Group Investment Seminar
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