Sovereign spotlight: unprecedented times provide an opportunity to ramp up alternative investment – exclusive interview with BIA's head of alternatives

Head of alternative assets at the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA), Su Tengah, speaks exclusively to FinanceAsia about how asset owners can boost returns through alternative allocation, and how the sovereign wealth fund fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion as she embarks on a newly expanded role.
Su Tengah
Su Tengah

Asset owners are dealing with unprecedented times a prolonged low interest rate environment, Covid-19, geopolitical tensions, societal changes, and fast-paced technological disruption.

In response, many are ramping up their allocation to alternatives in their search for alpha, such as through investment in private equity. It is in this sense, that BIA is ahead of its time the 38-year-old sovereign wealth fund, charged with investing the Southeast Asian country’s oil revenues, has a long history of investing in alternative assets.

“We’ve been private equity investors for over 20 years now,” Noorsurainah Su Tengah, head of alternatives, told FinanceAsia in an exclusive interview.

Though the...

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