Slade signed by CLSA

Edward Slade returns to Asian ECM with a new position at CLSA.

CLSA has hired Edward Slade to run ECM for South East Asia. He will fill a new role created by the firm, as it seeks to balance its current heavy bias towards Hong Kong and China.

Slade will report to Richard Taylor, CLSA's head of investment banking, and started work in Singapore last Monday. The firm has already completed two IPO's out of Singapore so far this year - for UTAC and United Communications - and hopes to further replicate its success in Hong Kong serving small to medium sized private sector companies.

Slade is a well-known and widely-liked figure in Asian ECM having been based in the region for over 10 years. He first moved to Hong Kong in 1993 to work for his good friend Julie Craddock at BZW and moved with her and the rest of the team to Credit Suisse First Boston in 1998.

He then left for Sydney in 2000, but returned to Hong Kong again at the beginning of this year.

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