Singapore Reits for volatile markets

Eng Seat Moey, DBS's head of asset-backed structured products, talks about the unique combination offered by investing in S-Reits – stable income and attractive growth.
Eng Seat Moey
Eng Seat Moey

Singapore Real Estate Investment Trusts S-Reits suffered like many other asset classes during the worst of the crisis last year. But according to Eng Seat Moey, managing director and head of asset-backed securities at DBS, they now offer opportunities for at least two different types of investor objectives stability for those who want a reliable income, and growth for those who want capital gains.

Reits have the characteristics of a safe, high-yielding share -- or even a fixed-income security -- and also potential for the capital appreciation of a growth stock, said Eng.

The dividend payout is stable and predictable, with 90%-100% of cash flow generated from rents distributed to investors. ...

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