Singapore MRT IPO price range S$0.54-S$0.62

Singapore MRT plans to raise S$250 million via an IPO of 375-500 million shares at S$0.54-S$0.62 each. The roadshow gets underway today and the deal will be priced on 17 July.

The 375-500 million shares on offer in the initial public offering IPO of Singapore MRT SMRT will be priced in the range of S$0.54-S$0.62 each, raising S$250 million $144 million for the company, says a banker involved in the deal. The shares represent 25%-30% of the company and will be sold in two tranches, with 60% of the shares on offer to be placed with institutional investors and the remaining 40% reserved for domestic retail investors, he adds. Of the retail tranche, a quarter, or 10% of the shares being sold, are reserved for employees of SMRT.

The suggested price range represents 10-11 times SMRT's expected earnings for the year to March...

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