Sevens Photos

A selection of box photos from this year''s Cathay Pacific/Credit Suisse First Boston Rugby Sevens.

Citi's Noel Kullavanijaya and shipmates

Citi's Don Hanna

Citi DJ's rock the waves

getting sized up at Citi

CLSA's John D'Abo gets big in Japan

CLSA's Adam Moss

currying favour at ABN AMRO

JPMorgan's Rupert Fane

JPMorgan in the pink

Is UBS's Marcus Brown having trouble with his People's Phone?

Lee the landlord at UBS

South Africa's youngest fan

Kurt Schenk of Dresdner Private Bank and colleague

UBS's Paddy O'Brien
On the bar

Former British Prime Minister John Major and CSFB Asia Chairman Paul Calello.

Celebrating Scotland's victory in the plate on Citi's bar

Citi's Johanna Chua and husband Aaron Goach

Claire McLetchie, Richard Johnson and friend

CLSA's Rob Morrison and Anthony Muh of Citigroup Asset Management

ABN's Peter Sampson and Jonathan Garrick of Cazenove

ABN's James Pearson develops a taste for India

JPMorgan's Chris Nicholas flashes his bling

lawyer at ABN box gets funky

ABN AMRO: an investment bank with teeth?

ABN's Neil Galloway, Caoimhe Royds and Scottish rugby hero Gavin Hastings
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