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Reel Lessons: The Lorax

Because Dr Seuss still rocks.
<div style="text-align: left;">
The Lorax
<div style="text-align: left;"> The Lorax </div>

Another children's book?
Yes, for there was no greater writer of the ideal hook that makes children come back for more and doesn't make your mother snore.

What about your father?
The movie is in 3D technicolour.

So even your father should not holler.
After all, he can hide behind his shades if during the flick he nods off and fades.

Is this the book from 1971?
Yes it is the very same one from your bell-bottom jeans childhood when on Wacky Wednesday you read about Sam I Am who made you say I could and I would try Green Eggs and Ham.

That's what made me think Dr Seuss was on drugs...
One would think so.
But it seems most historians say, "Oh, no. No!" However, at college he was caught with gin and this was during Prohibition.

So you are saying it is good clean fun?
While it doesn't have words like Constantinople and Timbuktu, it does have a message and more than one pun to entertain everyone.

So is there a message for a banker?
Why of course there is.
And that is, if he funds a polluting company then he is most certainly a wa*#&!*.

And is there a message for a CEO?
Why of course there is.
And that is that you reap what you sow.
So don't pursue short-term gains that will cause others pains.

And is there a message for investors?
Why of course there is.
And that is that you get what you give.
So don't back dirty energy if you want to live.


This story first appeared in the June issue of FinanceAsia magazine

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