Photos from the Sevens

A few snaps from the weekend.

Sevens 6
Trained medical staff were on hand at CLSA's box.

Sevens 7b
Deutsche: ready to rumble.

Sevens 9
Ed Peter: loss of blue cows constitutes act of war.

Sevens 16
It was all about having a talent in the JPMorgan box.

Sevens 11
UBS Warburg introduces its new intern programme.

Sevens 12
Her daddy was next in line to have his face painted too.

Sevens 13
Lee the Landlord.

Sevens 2
Alasdair Morrison and PCCW's Michael Verge.

Sevens 4
Admiral Dowie.

Sevens 5
Morgan Stanley President, Michael Berchtold.

Sevens 3
UBSW cheers on Hong Kong and England.

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