Orc announces launch of Orc Spreader in Asia

Orc Software announces the regional launch of a new trading solution at the Derivatives World Asia event in Singapore.
Greg Chambers, president of Orc Software, Asia-Pacific
Greg Chambers, president of Orc Software, Asia-Pacific

Orc Software, a global provider of technology and services for advanced trading in financial instruments, announced the launch of a new trading solution, Orc Spreader, at the Derivatives World Asia event hosted in Singapore at the end of September.

Greg Chambers, Asia-Pacific president at Orc Software, discussed the launch of Orc Spreader with FinanceAsia.

What is Orc Spreader and how is it different from other trading solutions available in the market today?

Orc Spreader is a server-based architecture, based on our high-performance trading engine that can be co-located at exchanges resulting in the lowest possible latency to reply to client’s advanced trading needs. Orc Spreader is a server-based, arbitrage-style trading product for trading on multiple markets and across multiple asset classes.

Orc’s competitive edge in Asia-Pacific stems from our ability to build and deploy trading solutions that exceed customer expectations while anticipating their constantly changing trading environment. Orc’s out-of-the-box and high performing products and solutions help the clients quickly deploy the technology required for their trading needs and save the investment and information technology resources needed to build and maintain their own systems.

Is the regional launch of Orc Spreader part of an Asia-Pacific expansion strategy?

Orc has been present in the region since 1997, and we have a solid customer and partner base in Asia-Pacific. We have a full suite of Orc Trading solutions to meet the advanced trading needs of our customers. With the addition of Orc Spreader to the Orc Trading suite of solutions, we will deliver functionality that has been developed in close collaboration with traders that leverages our server side execution capabilities and extensive market reach.

What can we expect from Orc in Asia-Pacific?

Orc is well positioned in Asia-Pacific with more than 20 years of solid experienced in market making and advanced trading space. Our customers in Asia-Pacific require trading and connectivity technologies that provide high performance and robust solutions with the flexibility to meet their growing business requirements such as cross-asset trading, multi-market access and ease of integration with existing systems. Orc works closely with traders to develop best-in-breed technology to address the trading needs across the region.

What is the significance of launching Orc Spreader in Asia-Pacific?

For arbitrage and spread traders, profitable opportunities are becoming increasingly difficult to reach and to take advantage of. We see the launch of Orc Spreader as offering a new level of competitive advantage in the critical areas of speed of execution, market access and scalability through increased trading capacity and automation.

Who are you targeting with this new product? How will the availability of a new product affect your existing customers?

We target futures spreaders, pairs traders, and other high frequency arbitrageurs that demand fast, smart and flexible trading logic that can be deployed quickly without substantial investment in information technology.

Our key strength lies in our solid understanding of customers' requirements and the environments they work in and Orc Spreader has been developed in cooperation with our existing customers.

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