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On the road of lightweight development

Over 20 years, China Zhongwang has established a strong presence as the largest industrial aluminium extruder in Asia and the second largest in the world. Riding on the lightweight development trend, it is fast expanding into flat rolling and advanced processing

Founded by Mr. Liu Zhongtian, a self-made entrepreneur, it started from a small factory in the northern part of China in 1993. Today, China Zhongwang has production plants in three cities of China, namely Liaoyang City and Yingkou City, both in Liaoning Province, and Tianjin.  It engages in three core businesses — industrial extrusion, deep processing and flat rolling — which operate synergistically to deliver upstream and downstream resource sharing along with other cost and operational benefits. 

“Aluminium offers unlimited possibility as the lightweight metal brings high-value added, eco-friendly products and solutions unmatched by other materials,” said Lu Changqing, President and Executive Director of China Zhongwang.  

The company is committed to R&D, investing 3% of its annual turnover in innovation and product development.   “Through relentless innovation, we aim to make the world a lighter and brighter place,” Lu added.

Asia’s largest industrial aluminium extrusion maker 

China is the world’s largest producer of aluminium products.  The advance in production know-how enables it to produce a diverse range of high-end products.  At the same time, the application of fabricated aluminium is fast expanding, in particular in the transportation sector.  The domestic demand has been rapidly increasing in recent years, making China the largest aluminium consuming country.

“The development potential is huge in China.  Domestic sales in China accounted for 84% of our sales, with the remaining 16% being exported to a dozen countries that included the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, amongst others”, Lu said. 

China Zhongwang has made notable investments in production facilities, and possesses the largest number of large-scale extrusion presses in the world, including four 125MN in operation, and two ultra-large 225MN extrusion presses starting to come online in 2017.  Orders for another 99 extrusion presses were placed earlier this year to further strengthen production capacity.

In addition, China Zhongwang operates one of the largest die-design centres in China. It also has eight sets of smelting and casting facilities to develop a full range of aluminium billets customised to specific needs. These give the company an edge in developing an extensive range of products to meet the needs of the most demanding industries. 

An Integrated Light-weight Solutions Provider

Spearheaded by Mr. Liu, a long-time investor committed to the development of the aluminium industry, China Zhongwang has a vision to expand into downstream areas.  Its deep processing business, started in 2013, engages in the production of semi-finished products for applications in the railway and automobile sectors.  It is one of the company’s growth drivers. 

With the light-weight development in the transportation sector, China Zhongwang continued to augment sales of the existing high-end products of extrusion, while increasing the proportion of products with higher added value, such as train carriages and the body frames for new energy buses. 

Ambitious plans

China Zhongwang announced expansion into flat rolling in 2012, and started the construction of the world’s largest single-location flat rolling production plant in Tianjin, China.  The project was awarded three quality management system accreditations, including certificates for aerospace and automobile industries, laying a foundation for the products to enter the high-end market. The first production line is currently processing small-volume orders from potential customers.  

There are strategic reasons for the location of the flat rolling plant.  One of the key applications of the flat rolling sheets is for automobile use.  Located in the Wuqing district, Tianjin, it is in close proximity to a number of automobile and new energy vehicle production sites, bringing production closer to its customers. 

China Zhongwang has ambitious plans for the future.  While the company is changing for the better, its executives promise that one thing will definitely remain the same — the company will keep innovating.

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